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*After receiving an RMA number, please mark the number clearly on the shipping box or label.
*Shipments without an RMA number will be returned to the sender without prior notice.

Please Read Carefully:

1. REPAIR WARRANTY: All warranties are void if Nuvico finds that Product(s) is abused, physically damaged or altered in any way without prior written authorization.
2. OUT OF WARRANTY PRODUCT: Out of Warranty Product is repaired only with the customer's prior approval. For Out-of- Warranty repair charges, please contact the RMA dept.
3. PACKAGING: Please clearly mark RMA# on the outside of the packaging. Damage or loss of goods during shipment is the sole responsibility of the customer. Products must be returned in their original carton or in packaging of equal or greater quality. Appropriate care must be taken to protect the Products from damage or the warranty will be voided.
4. RMA NUMBER: A RMA number is required. Any product returned without a valid RMA or no RMA number will be refused and returned to the sender. RMA numbers are only valid for 30 days from the date they are issued.
5. PRODUCT: Ship only the product specified on the original RMA request, do not include any additional item(s). Any additional item(s) will require a new RMA number.
6. FREIGHT COST: The customer is responsible for the cost of shipment to the Repair Center and Nuvico will be responsible for the cost of the shipment back to customer.
7. DUTIES / FEES (International customers only): The customer is responsible for all custom duties and/or any additional fees that may incur due to the nature of international shipment.
8. CREDIT REQUEST: A 20% restocking fee can be deducted from credit if the returned unit is found to be non-defective.
9. DATA BACKUP: Data must be backed up by the customer before sending for repair. NUVICO is not responsible for lost or corrupt data during repair service.
10. EXCEPTIONAL WARRANTY: Warranty for EasyTrak PTZ cameras are two (2) years from the date of shipment, EasyTrak, ZoomMatic's Motorized zoom lenses for one hundred eighty (180) days, Monitors and LCD panel part of EL-Series DVRs for one (1) year from the date of shipment.

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