HDoCS™ 16ch HD-TVI Recorders

Key Features

  • Compatible with 700TVL & 720p/1080p HD-TVI cameras
  • SD Analog/720p/1080p selectable per channel
  • Records 30pps@960H/ 30pps@720p/ 12pps@1080p
  • Main Monitor outputs: HDMI & VGA.
  • Programmable analog BNC Spot Out
  • Optional CD/DVD Burner
  • 4 HDD capacity
  • Rack-mountable
  • Free DDNS service
  • HD video over RG59 coax cable up to 1000 ft without a repeater
  • Free multi-site / multi-channel mobile app: Live, Playback and Remote configuration.
  • Alarm In/Out
  • Mobile & Tablet APP Name :  HDoCS Mobile

Compatible Models

  • CT-1M-D3, CT-1M-B3, CT-1M-E3.
  • CT-1M-D21, CT-1M-E21, CT-1M-OV12, CT-1M-B21, CT-1M-B55
  • CT-2M-D21, CT-2M-E21, CT-2M-OV21, CT-2M-B21, CT-2M-B55


  • Rackmount Kit (Included)

Model Numbers

  • DT-P1640: 4TB HDD        DT-P1680: 8TB HDD

  • DT-P16120: 12TB HDD     DT-P16160: 16TB HDD