SN2-L Intersys Limited NVR

Key Features

  • Supports up to 64/128-ch: Server based NVR
  • Plug & Record configuration with Dual Gbit ports
  • 120GB SSD for Intel Xeon E3 / E5 processor
  • Built-in DVD burner & USB flashdrive
  • 2U/3U/4U 4-bay Rackmount chassis w/ rail kit.
  • Local Monitors: HDMI, DVI, VGA
  • Free mobile app
  • 50 Brands, over 2000 models + Onvif IP cameras are supported


  • SN2-LIC Intersys Compact License (Max 16ch)
  • SN2-LIP Intersys Professional License (Max 32ch)
  • SN2-LIU: Intersys Ultra license (Max 128ch)

Model Number

L1 Series Hardware

SN2-L1-4B-16T      SN2-L1-8B-16T     SN2-L1-8B-32T     SN2-L1-12B-24T     SN2-L1-12B-48T     SN2-L1-16B-32T     SN2-L1-16B-64T

L2 Series Hardware

SN2-L2-4B-24T      SN2-L2-8B-24T     SN2-L2-8B-48T     SN2-L2-12B-36T     SN2-L2-12B-72T     SN2-L2-16B-48T     SN2-L2-16B-96T     SN2-L2-24B-72T      SN2-L2-24B-144T   

Hardware Specifications

# of camera 64+/128
FormFactor 2U/3U/4U 4-bay Rackmount chassis w/ rail kit.
Processor Intel Xeon E3 / E5 processor
Memory 16GB
NIC  2x 1GbE
O/S Win 7 Pro 64
OS HDD 2x 180GB SSD OS drive.
Power 800w/960w Redundant Power Supply
RAID Yes   JBOD,0, 1, 5, 6, 10/ 50/ 60.
  3 Year Onsite NBD 8x5 Warranty.