HYDRA HD™ 8ch Digital Video Recorder

Key Features

  • 1080p 8ch HD over BNC & IP Recorder
  • 8 HD-BNC ports
  • Records up to 30pps @ 1080p per channel
  • Supports HYDRA HD™ cameras over BNC or RJ45
  • 1080p HD recording over coax with HYDRA HD cameras: up to 1500 ft
  • Real-time recording per channel
  • Pentaplex functions
  • Available in 2TB or 4TB HDD models
  • Multiple monitor outputs:  HDMI, VGA
  • Fast USB flashdrive file copy method
  • Watermark
  • Time synchronization between multiple DVRs
  • Free multi-site / multi-channel mobile app: Live, Playback and Remote configuration
  • Free DDNS Service


Compatible Models

  • HYDRA HD cameras over Coax and IP


  • N/A

Model Numbers

  • HR-820: 2TB HDD          HR-840: 4TB HDD



Do Much More With Your Existing Coax Cable Using HYDRA HD™ Solution

What are the benefits of HYDRA HD™ cameras and recorders?


1. Runs 1080p HD video using existing coax cable : No need to upgrade or replace an existing cable to a Cat5e or Cat6  network cable for an existing analog site. HYDRA HD™ cameras use an existing coax cable to deliver 1080p HD video


2. No more IP latency for live video: HYDRA HD™ cameras show live display in HD. There is no packet encoding and decoding delays


3. No more stress with cable distance limitations: HYDRA HD™ cameras can transmit 1080p HD video over a coax cable up to 1500ft without using repeaters or boosters.


4. Port to port plug and play installation: HYDRA HD™cameras will perfactly sync with a HYDRA HD™ recorder via the BNC port without requiring IP configuration or IP setup. The HYDRA HD™ recorder senses and assigns designated channels when HYDRA HD™ cameras are connected to the BNC ports.

Enjoy Full Quality 1080p HD Using Existing Coax Cables With HYDRA HD™ Solution

1080p 3.8mm VF lens, 20ft high


1080p 3.8mm VF lens, 8ft high



1080p camera covering 3 parking spaces.(Left). Digitally zoomed (Right)



Analog camera covering 3 parking spaces.(Left). Digitally zoomed (Right)