Return Procedures

A. Return Merchandise Authorization ("RMA") for Product Returns

If a repair is required, customer must request and obtain a RMA number through fax or e-mail. All returns must be accompanied with the RMA number and freight must be prepaid. The RMA number is valid for 30 days and customer must re-obtain the RMA number if not used within 30 days.
NUVICO will not accept any unauthorized returns or freight collect returns. We will return the entire shipment, even if a portion of it has an RMA, to the shipper at its expense. If a returned product contains parts that are no longer available or repairable, NUVICO will contact you to discuss a resolution.

B. Returns for Credit or Product Restocking

A restocking charge of twenty percent (20%) of the purchase price and a refurbishing charge for missing parts/accessories/original packaging will be applied to all approved credit returns for standard Products for reasons other than Product failure.
Product must be new with original packaging in salable condition.
Accessories and mounting parts are excluded. This includes camera wall mounts, etc.
Product must be returned within 120 days of invoice. No return for credit will be accepted after 120 days of invoice.
Credit will not be issued for shop worn, previously installed products or damaged merchandise.
Credit must be used within one (1) year of the date of issue or will be forfeited.

C. Return Procedure for Repair or Restocking

The following procedure must be strictly followed by the customer in order to return the products for any reason. Otherwise, the items will be returned to the customer at their expense.
Contact NUVICO by telephone, fax or e-mail.
Provide us with following information:
The quantities of the products to be returned.
The model number and serial number of the product(s). If no serial number is available, the product(s) will be considered a non-warranty repair.
The reason for the return and brief description of the symptoms, problems or NONE, for restock purpose.
Contact information for follow-up.
NUVICO will then issue a RMA number. For Non-Warranty Repair; NUVICO will provide in writing, an estimated repair cost based on minimum labor charge of $75, plus any additional part(s) cost, which the customer agrees to pay when accepting the RMA. Please refer to Non-Warranty Repair section for further details.
Return the product(s) with the RMA sheet included and clearly marked on the box. Any package return to NUVICO without a RMA number will be refused and sent back to the shipper at shipper's expense.

D. Packaging

Protecting the value of returned products by packaging and shipping them correctly is sender's responsibility. We reserve the right to deny warranty coverage for any damage caused by improper packaging

E. Upon Receipt of the Product by NUVICO

We will evaluate the product and either:
Repair or Replace any product(s) covered by the warranty and return the products(s) back to the customer.
If the product is determined not to be covered by warranty, NUVICO will inform the customer with reason(s). We will also provide estimated repair costs. (See charges for Non-warranty Repair Section)
At NUVICO's sole discretion, we will issue credit to the customer instead of repairing or replacing the products when we determine that repair or replacement is not an option.
Upon evaluation, we will credit the customer for pre-approved restock return or advanced replacement item.
Credit the Product sent for stock rotation or otherwise under these terms:
The amount of the credit will not exceed the price paid by the customer at the time of purchase adjusted according to the conditions set below.
For products returned for credit only (excluding Advanced Replacement for DOA), the credit will be reduced by the 20% restocking fee plus refurbishing fee, if applicable.
For out of stock of stock or discontinued products instead of repairing or replacing at NUVICO's sole discretion.
No credit will be issued for items that are not received by NUVICO within 30 days of the RMA date.

F. Charges for Non-Warranty Repair

All non-warranty Products repaired by NUVICO will be charged a minimum $75 for evaluation for an initial hour, parts cost, plus any shipping and handling charges. The labor cost will be calculated at $75 per hour after the initial hour of evaluation which will be added to the repair cost. We will inform Customer of the repair charges prior to the repair.
With the customer's written confirmation, NUVICO will proceed with the repairs, and the customer will be billed the repair charges, plus all shipping and handling charges.
In the event the Customer does not want NUVICO to proceed with the repairs, the Product will be returned to the Customer un-repaired, and the Customer will be billed a $75.00 evaluation fee, plus any shipping and handling charges.
The warranty for the repaired product is only for the repaired parts and labor, and ninety (90) days from date of shipment from NUVICO.

Product Diagnosis Service

Upon special request by the customer, NUVICO will diagnose the product for any possible defects. A minimum of $75 will be applied to individual product. Whether the product is in-warranty or out of warranty, this charge will be applied for the labor that is involved.
(All currency transactions must be made in U.S. Dollars.)