Firmware Update: EasyNet DVR Recorders

Firmware Update: EasyNet DVR Recorders  LATEST VERSION
 Firmware version 1.4.47
 - Prepares DVR boot sequence for update of 1.5.1

 Firmware version 1.5.1
 - Improved Pelco-D communication for PTZ
 - Improved memory allocation and HDD bad sector handling

 EasyNet DVR Models:
 ED-C Series
ED-P Series
ED-U Series

The update to 1.4.47 and 1.5.1 must be performed using a USB flash drive connected directly to the DVR.
Updating via VMS Pro is not supported for firmware versions 1.4.47 and 1.5.1.

Please see EasyNet 1.4.47 and 1.5.1 Update Instructions.pdf for details.